About Us

Learning should be fun (and useful),
but it rarely is. Our mission is to make learning
easy, fun and effective.

Our Leadership Team

Gary Timney

Founder, Managing Director
With over 30 years in sales and resource management, Gary has shaped the way we approach training. Based on his experience of poorly constructed training, he set about creating a training academy dedicated to bringing one-of-a-kind training programmes that deliver training that works in the real world. 

Joanne Timney

Learning Development Director
Joanne is a multi-award winning marketer specialising in behavioural design. She is the Principal Consultant at Bark Like A Big Dog (winner of the Best Global Business Marketing Content Agency 2021 and 2022). She is also a respected lecturer who regularly teaches at post-graduate level in universities across the UK and USA.

She has over 25 years experience in developing and delivering educational programmes. She is a Fellow of the Royal Chartered Institute of Marketing and lectured for the CIM for 15 years at Post Graduate Level. She is also published in 7 countries. Joanne leads the team who adapt our training programmes into micro learning formats and ensures that learning objectives are achieved.

Kimberley Hare

Content Director
Kim is an expert content creator (with over 15 years experience) and passionate writer. She is a master of social engagement and drives marketing performance across the complete spectrum of online channels. She is also speaks fluent Spanish and is spearheading course development for Spain and the USA with the adaptation of our courses into Spanish. 

Self-paced, courses designed using neuroscience to enhance knowledge retention (and fun). 

Develop your skills at your own pace. There's nothing linear about modern life, so we've built our courses to work the way you do. Using microlearning, which is proven to enhance retention, our courses flex to fit around your life and kick learning-fatigue into touch.
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What makes our courses so great?

Our courses are designed to give you 'how to' knowledge and skills that you can implement into your work and life right away.

Never boring. Always practical.

Subject Matter Experts.

Only the very best educators and highly successful practitioners appear on the Acuity Learning Academy platform. All of our courses are rigorously reviewed by specialist training delivery experts and content creators.

Continuous Assessment

Test your knowledge as it builds with interactive tests at the end of each module. When you successfully pass the test, the next module is revealed. If you're struggling our tutors are available to help you.

Microlearning for enhanced retention.

Our courses are designed around the principals of micro-learning. Short bursts of learning using a variety of media. Each component within a module is never longer than 15 minutes. This approach is proven to enhance knowledge retention and organic skill development.

Certified Professional Development

Our courses are certified with the Professional Development agency and, where appropriate, specialist professional bodies. All of our courses are rated in accordance with SWORM standards.

Our Students love us 

I have never experienced learning with microlearning and I wasn't sure it would work. Boy, was I wrong! I was able to jump in and out of the course work and I retained all the knowledge. I've never done a course that I can remember as well as my Acuity course. Bravo!

Sarah Samson

The course work is polished and engaging. I found it incredibly easy to absorb all the information. I have done a lot of on-line training but I've never had one that made learning easier than this. 

Thomas Greene

I am a single mother, working full-time as a marketing manager. My course was structured in such a way that made it possible for me to fit it into my hectic day. I was stunned that I was able to retain so much information. Highly recommend.

Carolyn Marshall

I run a busy marketing department for a large accountancy practice. I decided to send my whole team. Not only did everyone come back with skills that have made a tangible difference, they all agreed how energised they were and motivated to dig back into our campaigns. 

Phillip Roach

Microlearning ...
because life can get in the way.

Microlearning is an incredible learning technique that breaks information into bite-sized, digestible chunks, making it easier to understand and remember. All Acuity courses are designed and built using microlearning.
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