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Zoo Keeper Rules for the Office

Let’s face it, the workplace is a bit of a zoo and it’s often a pretty emotional, chaotic one at that. Moreover, a zoo isn’t a natural environment for any of the animals who live in it. The workplace isn’t any different. In an ideal world we could run free and choose who we work and play with. Sadly, for the vast majority of us, we must accept that the workplace zoo is where we have to be.

Being an effective leader pivots on our ability to understand the personalities that make up a team and how to communicate with them. Everyone is dominated by certain personality traits; Nigel has likened these traits to four animal types. We’re all a little bit of everything, but each of us is driven to follow our instincts and give in to the animal within.

Zoo Keeper Rules for the Office represents the next step in Nigel's zoo series. Learn how to master being an effective Zoo Keeper and keep those animals from running wild! 
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Who is it for?

Anyone and everyone. It's a zoo around here works for business, families and individuals who want to fine tune their communication skills.

Who is it for?

You will learn how to develop a well-rounded, diverse team, across fixed and remote environments. Managing the many different personalities types (the animals in your zoo) to optimise performance and personal growth.

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Zoo keeper rules for the office.
November Intake Now Enrolling - limited spaces.

Introduction to personality dynamics within a team.

Breaking down personality traits and types helps us understand how to interact with people of every type. This isn't about pigeon holing anyone, it's about helping you decode a complex subject into a brilliantly simple structure and how that affects team dynamics.

Who lives in the Zoo?

In It's a zoo around here, Nigel focused on 4 animals, in this course he introduces their alter egos, and whom you're likely to meet when the going gets tough. Understanding who lives in your zoo is not only fun, but it'll take you on a life changing journey that will forever change the way you approach communication.

The Zookeeper Challenge.

Your role as leader (be that the head of the company or a line manager) is not to simply squeeze more work out of people, but to shape your team to be optimally efficient, without compromising wellbeing. Success is food for the soul, money is foot on the table. One without the other is a recipe for disaster. Learn how to get the best out of your zoo.

What makes a great leader?

There are so many courses out there about the nature of leadership, but with the Zoo Keeper Rules it's broken down into actionable advice and an approach that works no matter how large, or small, your team is.

Identifying the animals in your team.

Everyone has a good and a bad side, taking a deep dive into the makeup of your team, how they respond to crisis and how the rub along with the rest of the team is vital. This course will help you quickly identify what you're working with and how to balance your team.

Managing Meetings

When your team is free-range you'll struggle to keep everyone on the same page. Meetings can be the difference between harmony and chaos. So many hours are wasted because dominant personalities constantly push their own agenda. Learn how to run meetings like a pro and keep your animals in check.

Open Plan? Remote? A bit of everything?

Since the pandemic, remote working has become the norm and many people have decided not to return to being office based. Managing team has become exponentially more difficult as a result. Learn how to keep your team in pace with the plan and still feel connected to their team mates.

Take the personality test.

The key to more effective communication is first understanding your own communication skills and personality test. Included as part of this course is a personality test (RRP £90) which will give you a detailed view of your own personality type and communication style. You can't help others until you understand yourself.
Meet the instructor

Nigel Risner

Having started his own business in 1983 Nigel became one of the youngest CEOs in the City (at the tender age of 26). He quickly realised that running an organisations isn’t that complicated, but working with people, and getting the most out of them, was a real challenge. It occurred to him that understanding people’s personal needs, and their communication styles, was paramount to success.

Nigel started working with Vistage and other CEO Groups in 1997, and quickly became a sought-after speaker working in many different industries, specialising in peak performance and human development. In 2001 and 2010 he was awarded Speaker of the Year from The Academy for Chief Executives. In 2005 he was awarded Vistage International Speaker of the Year. In 2009/10 Footdown awarded him Speaker of the Year. Thus making Nigel the only speaker in Europe to have won all three awards.

Having spoken to more than 1.5 million people worldwide, Nigel developed a model around how people fall into four categories, in terms of their communication style, which he related to animal types. Whilst there are many other communication models in existence his methodology of Zoo Keeping, and the four core animals types, is not only relatable, but easy to grasp and apply.

Zoo Keeping is now used in organisations of every size around the world, including the British Police Force and many National Health Trusts. Nigel’s main philosophies are: If you are in the room – be in the room! If you want success – you must learn to be an effective Zoo Keeper. There are no such things as difficult customers and staff – there are  different customers and staff. Nigel currently speaks approximately 100 times a year and provides 1:1 coaching for industry leaders around the World.  
Patrick Jones - Course author
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Zoo Keeping Expert

Become the ultimate zoo keeper when you complete both It's a zoo around here and, Zoo Keeper Rules for the office. In addition to the big saving, we'll also send you copies of both best selling books.

What people have to say about Nigel 

​I can honestly say Nigel Risner is unequivocally the very best speaker I have ever engaged. When I say best I mean BEST; in every respect.

Paul Surridge, Chief Executive
Sight Care Group

Nigel has remained my all-time favourite speaker. His positivity, passion and nuggets of wisdom truly inspired me. A fantastic presenter and a wonderful person who I hope I get the pleasure of working with again one day.

Deborah Macfarlane, Marketing Capability Manager
Marks & Spencer

The future of Britain’s self esteem is safe in Nigel’s hands. He has an awesome presence which touches and transforms people’s lives!

Jack Canfield,
Co-Author of New York Times #1
Best Selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series

“Nigel’s ability to captivate and entertain an entire room is unrivalled, and his frank and somewhat brash approach guarantees that there absolutely nowhere to hide, as he unashamedly highlights the realities of the modern leadership agenda and an audiences likely inadequacies.”

Andrew Stembridge, Executive Director, Iconic Luxury Hotels

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