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We are meticulous about the quality
of our courses and our trainers.

Every Acuity course needs to satisfy a long list of standards before it is approved for launch on our live site. We focus on courses that truly make a difference in your working life, or your personal life (depending on the course). When you undertake an Acuity course you can be sure that you will receive the best on-line training available anywhere on the web.

Curated. Tested. Proven. Vetted.

Our courses are overseen by Joanne, our course development director.  Joanne has a long career in marketing and education. Her approach to learning is simple, if you can't apply it, why are you learning it? Joanne is an expert in the application of behavioural design to marketing and education and over 35 years experience in both.

The importance of setting clear, carefully considered, learning objectives is just the beginning. When the learning objectives have been agreed, she (together with our course development team) sets about constructing the course and building out a microlearning based programme. 

Our course tutors are subject matter experts, each of whom is leading the charge in their area of specialisation. We work with them to craft a course that meets our standards and functions within the microlearning framework. 

Microlearning ...
because life can get in the way.

Microlearning is an incredible learning technique that breaks information into bite-sized, digestible chunks, making it easier to understand and remember. All Acuity courses are designed and built using microlearning.
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What makes our courses so great?

Our courses are designed to give you 'how to' knowledge and skills that you can implement into your work and life right away.

Never boring. Always practical.

Subject Matter Experts.

Only the very best educators and highly successful practitioners appear on the Acuity Learning Academy platform. All of our courses are rigorously reviewed by specialist training delivery experts and content creators.

Continuous Assessment

Test your knowledge as it builds with interactive tests at the end of each module. When you successfully pass the test, the next module is revealed. If you're struggling our tutors are available to help you.

Microlearning for enhanced retention.

Our courses are designed around the principals of micro-learning. Short bursts of learning using a variety of media. Each component within a module is never longer than 15 minutes. This approach is proven to enhance knowledge retention and organic skill development.

Certified Professional Development

Our courses are certified with the Professional Development agency and, where appropriate, specialist professional bodies. All of our courses are rated in accordance with SWORM standards.

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