Size matters - Some things are better bigger. But when it comes to learning, smaller is most definitely better.

When it comes to learning, smaller is definitely better. Our brains are maxed out and when we demand that our tired brain crams some learning in, it quickly becomes a very unhappy brain. Our brains are not capable of taking in the amount of information that is put in front of us every day. It’s estimated that in just one day we are presented with the same amount of information a person in the early 1800s would see in an entire year! The problem is our brains haven’t changed a jot in the past three or four hundred thousand years. Learning puts a real strain on the brain. Traditional teaching techniques place an enormous cognitive burden on an already pooped brain making effective learning nigh on impossible.
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When we created Acuity Learning Academy, we turned to neuroscience to help us develop the optimal approach to on-line learning and skill development. Hello microlearning, goodbye learning fatigue.
Microlearning capitalizes on the human brain's ability to absorb and retain short, focused pieces of information. Online learning environments, characterized by a plethora of distractions and potential information overload, align perfectly with the principles of microlearning. By breaking down complex subjects into bite-sized modules, learners can process, understand, and apply knowledge more easily, without feeling overwhelmed. This approach slots into perfectly the relentless pace of life, epic multitasking, and our crazy short attention spans. When you break it down into bite-size portions, learning (and remembering) suddenly becomes manageable.

Furthermore, microlearning supports just-in-time learning, which is ideal for online classes. Learners can quickly access specific modules or chunks of information precisely when they need it, allowing for real-time application and reinforcement. This not only enhances retention but also supports a more flexible and personalized learning experience. By catering to learners' immediate needs and providing instant gratification, microlearning fosters a more engaged and motivated online learning community.
The key components and characteristics of microlearning include:

Short Duration: Each microlearning module or chunk is typically anywhere from a few seconds to around 10 minutes long, though the exact length can vary.

Focused Objectives: Each module usually focuses on a single, specific objective or concept. Instead of covering a broad topic, it narrows in on a precise piece of knowledge or skill.

Flexibility: Learners can usually access these modules on-demand, which means they can learn at their own pace, and they can also revisit specific modules if needed.

Multimedia: Microlearning often leverages multimedia like videos, infographics, animations, quizzes, and games. This can make the learning experience more engaging and memorable.

Mobile-Friendly: Given their short length, microlearning modules are often designed to be mobile-friendly, allowing learners to access them easily from smartphones or tablets.

Just-in-Time Learning: Microlearning is suitable for just-in-time learning, where learners can quickly access a specific piece of content right when they need it. For instance, a salesperson could review a short module about a product just before meeting a client.

Supplemental or Standalone: Microlearning can be used as supplemental content to a larger training program, or it can stand alone to teach specific skills or concepts.

Advantages of Microlearning:
Adaptability: It's easier to update or replace a small learning module than a long, traditional course.
Retention: Bite-sized content can be easier to absorb and remember.
Flexibility: Learners can fit it into their busy schedules, consuming content during breaks or commute times.

Skill Gap Training: Addressing a specific skill that's missing or needs enhancement.
Performance Support: Offering quick guidance or tips right when they're needed.
Refresher Training: Reminding employees of key concepts periodically.
Product Training: Quick introductions or updates about products or services.

Microlearning is where its at when it comes to online learning, which is why every Acuity course is carefully crafted by expert educators, working alongside our course tutors, to ensure every course complies with the rigors of microlearning and that, even the most challenging learning objectives are met.
Like everyone I like somethings bigger, but nothing beats small when it comes learning.

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