The benefits of Microlearning

Joanne Timney

Hard working knowledge, for hard working people.

Microlearning works, plain and simple. It can make even the dullest topic easy to learn. When information is broken down into a format that suits memory formation and accommodates the insane pace at which we live these days, it suddenly becomes memorable. 

Microlearning packs a punch, transforming the learning experience and ensuring that what you learn, you retain. 

Boosted Attention and Focus:

Micro learning's shorter and more targeted format captivates our attention by reducing the cognitive load. The brain finds it easier to process information presented in small, digestible chunks, leading to increased focus and improved comprehension. With micro learning, you can wave goodbye to endless hours of staring blankly at textbooks, feeling overwhelmed and uninspired.

Enhanced Retention:

Micro learning leverages a phenomenon called the "spacing effect" or "distributed practice." It suggests that learning is more effective when information is spaced-out over time, rather than cramming it all at once. By delivering content in bite-sized increments, micro learning naturally integrates spaced repetition, which strengthens memory formation and retrieval. This means you're more likely to retain the information you learn, making it readily available for future application.

Personalized and Relevant Learning:

One of the most significant advantages of micro learning is its flexibility and adaptability. It allows you to tailor your learning experience to your specific needs and interests. With micro learning modules, you can easily choose the topics that pique your curiosity or address the gaps in your knowledge. This personalized approach ensures that your learning journey remains engaging and relevant, further reducing the risk of learning fatigue.

Practical Application:

Micro learning often focuses on practical knowledge and skills that can be immediately applied. Instead of overwhelming you with theoretical concepts, it homes in on the essentials, giving you actionable insights and real-world examples. This approach not only boosts motivation but also enhances your ability to transfer knowledge into practical contexts, which is crucial for adult learners seeking immediate value from their learning endeavours.

On-the-Go Learning:

Finding time for learning can be a challenge, finding quiet time for learning is almost impossible. Micro learning is designed to flex to fit with adulting and adapts accordingly. Its bite-sized nature allows you to learn on-the-go, during short breaks, or even during your daily commute. Whether you have five minutes or an hour, you can make progress and absorb valuable information, making micro learning a perfect fit for busy adult learners.

Learn it then apply it.

Our aim is to ensure that every Acuity course is not only educational but very practical. What is the point of professional or personal development that you can't apply out in the real world? Microlearning is a powerful tool and makes learning work ... hard.

Joanne Timney 

Learning Development Director
Acuity Learning Academy

Managing Director
Bark Like a Big Dog
About Joanne
Joanne is a multi-award winning marketer specialising in behavioural design. She is the Principal Consultant at Bark Like A Big Dog (winner of the Best Global Business Marketing Content Agency 2021 and 2022). She is also a respected lecturer who regularly teaches at post-graduate level in universities across the UK and USA.

She has over 25 years experience in developing and delivering educational programmes. She is a Fellow of the Royal Chartered Institute of Marketing and lectured for the CIM for 15 years at Post Graduate Level. She is also published in 7 countries. Joanne leads the team who adapt our training programmes into micro learning formats and ensures that learning objectives are achieved.